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When faced with a legal question, the best advice is to consult an attorney.  We can assist with a broad range of areas, and if we are unable to assist, we can refer you to another firm or attorney who can.

personal injury

When someone is injured or killed in an accident, there may be a claim for compensation.  We have experience navigating the process in and out of court.

clinical negligence

Clinical negligence occurs when errors are made by medical practitioners or facilities. These are highly technical claims to pursue, and we have navigated several high profile clinical negligence cases in Jamaica and Belize.


Are you registering a company or business in Jamaica, Belize or Barbados? Do you want to register an offshore company. We can register your business, and also draft essential contracts, including NDAs, shareholders' agreements, employment contracts, IP assignment, and so on.


Contracts serve an important purpose - to clarify responsibilities and obligations, and ensure clarity in the agreement of parties.  We draft and amend contracts of varying complexity based on your specific needs.  From shareholders' agreements to lease agreements, let us know your concerns and we can advise you.


How will you protect your great idea? Intellectual property law protects ideas, works, and even methods of doing things.  We can provide you with advice, and assist with the process of registering your intellectual property.


Property lawyers navigate the legal and procedural requirements for buying and selling property.


Not every dispute needs to end up in court.  Other methods of addressing the issues include negotiations, mediation, and arbitration. These methods can, in some cases, save costs while arriving at mutually beneficial conclusions.

debt recovery

If you are owed money from a written or oral agreement, an attorney can help with recovery.  This begins with a demand and proceeds, if necessary, through the court process.