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Protecting your Brand, the need for Trademarks

How do you protect this brand that you have worked to build? Intellectual property, in particular trademarks, can aid in achieving this. Intellectual property governs and protects the use of your mental and creative labour by granting you protective rights over intangible assets including designs, inventions, artistic works, images, and computer programs.

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Belize takes first steps towards EPA-compliant GI legislation

Marc Francis Ramsay & Company is helping Belize with drafting the first post-CARIFORUM/EU Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) Geographical Indications Bill in the CARIFORUM region, with unique provisions that the government is hoping will boost agriculture, manufacturing and handicrafts exports from Belize while providing greater protection for EU/CARIFORM GIs. 

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Compensating the mothers? What the law says.

Many persons who are outraged at the death of premature babies born at the University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI) have been wondering whether the law provides for compensation for the mothers.  In order for the UHWI to be liable in negligence for the bacterial outbreak and the resulting deaths of the babies concerned, three elements must be satisfied: (1) a duty of care owed to the patient (2) a breach of that duty (3) damage to the baby resulting from the breach.

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